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You know life can get overwhelming sometimes.

When life becomes demanding and stress builds, you tend to "brace" yourself and hunker down for a hard battle. Your mind becomes preoccupied, noisy and cluttered with stressful thoughts. You become tense and hold the stress in your body's muscles. Massage relaxes the body and quiets the mind to relieve stress.


“What happens in the mind of man
is always reflected in the diseases of his body.”   
~Rene Dubos 


During your massage endorphins are released, your sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system is quieted and your circulation is increased. Your immune system is boosted and your nervous system becomes disentangled. 

You lie on a warmed table with soft blankets, soothing music and soft lighting inviting your body to relax while your tension and stress melt away.

Welcome and be well.

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